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"David Anzuelo is a powerfully moral presence as Jerome."

-Review for FISH MEN, by David Barbour (L&S America)


"As Abel, Mr. Anzuelo does a spendid job of being both scary and alluring."

-Review for SE LLAMA CRISTINA, by Howard Miller (



"In the role of Howie Newsome, David Anzuelo makes a vivid impression."

-Review for OUR TOWN, by Nicola Smith (Valley News)



"...The miraculous David Anzuelo is a one-of-a-kind, 1000-watt light bulb aiming straight for your heart."

-Review for THE SKYPE SHOW, by Kimberly Pau (Cultural Capitol)



"David Anzuelo is appropriately shady in the part [...] of the craven-minded Honduran contractor named Fred."

-Review for INTIMACY, by Hilton Als (The New Yorker)


"David Anzuelo [gives a] simultaneously hilarious and heartfelt performance as cousin Julio."

-Review for MOTHERF*CKER WITH THE HAT, by Nick DeSantis (Green Room Reviews)



"Anzuelo brings to Laius's vanity a persuasively dangerous edge."

-Review for OEDIPUS EL REY, by Peter Marks (Washington Post)

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